Protocols of Zion (Levin, 2005)

Here’s a simple but revealing documentary about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a book that outlandishly claims the Jews control and rule every facet of modern day civilization. Director Marc Levin, who made the excellent Slam, charts the reappearance of anti-semitism since 9/11, many of the believers using the Protocols as the main backing for their arguments.

Anyone with a brain can see that the Protocols have been debunked mulitple times by journalists and historians, but people still believe, and that’s the scary part. Watching Levin interview young Palastinian males on the street or a Christian group in a church reveal striking similarities in tone and theme. While their way of communicating their ideologies remains contrary, the scope and message of his subjects proceed towards the same hatred and disavowal of differing beliefs.

Protocols of Zion doesn’t have a fancy style or authorial presence that makes the film exceptional. It’s the politcal climate around the world, at this moment in time that makes the film worth seeing. Levin does a good job of “trying” to show both sides of the argument, however..irrational or trite..his subjects appear to be. He is Jewish himself, and he does end with a a remembrance of sorts for a Jewish man who died in the 9/11 attacks, which works in favor of the film because it’s the strongest material, but also as a reminder of which side he wants to give the last laugh to. Not that he’s wrong to do so in this case.


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