28 Up (Apted, 1985)

We now find the British subjects of the “Up Series” at 28 and their developments are far less drastic than those documented in the last enstallment. Most of the interviewees are married with children, most suprisingly Suzi, who when we last saw her looked more cracked out than coherant. Now, having settle down with a man she loves, Suzi’s color seems to be back along with her wits. Also, most of the subjects are firmley entrenched in a various assortment of jobs, everything from cab driver to bricklayer to lawyer to teacher. Most seem happy and content with their decisions, even though they understand the limitations of certain class upbringings. Apted once again uses the same questions to frame the changes in each life, the result somewhat repetive and tedious, simply because these people are settling down, their lives taking a solid turn towards stability no matter what the class. That is everyone except Neil, who we now find wondering the countryside with suitcases in tow, sleeping/renting shelter from whomever and wherever he can. His depression and axiety are a mystery to me. Neil was such a bright/sunny child when he was seven and now, he comes across as a complete non-entity. He sees his “freedom” as a positive, but his responses are always flanked by looks of despair and I can’t help but wonder how he will pull himself out of this decade long rut, or if he even will.


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