Thank You For Smoking (Reitman, 2005)

Fun, well crafted satire of a tobacco lobbyist whose path towards redemption is not your run of the mill coming of age story. Aaron Eckhart plays Nick Naylor, a motor mouth for big tobacco whose life begins to unravel as he gets more and more immersed in the double-speak of big business. His evolving relationship with his son, played by Cameron Bright provides the core of the story. I can’t say the film floored me in any one area, but as a safe, tidy Hollywood pat on the back it’s entertaining. A little too flashy for my taste, but I can’t fault director Jason Reitman for pulling out all the stops for his first shot at one-upping his dad Ivan. Still, great satires like Network have meaningful tension and bite, and Thank You For Smoking has neither.


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