Lady for a Day (Capra, 1933)

Typical feel good Capra about a poor apple vendor named Annie who has somehow kept her daughter living in Europe convinced that she’s a wealthy society type. Girl wants to get married, girl needs rich fiance to meet mom, foreigners come over to depression era New York to be convinced and celebrate. With a little help from her friends; gangsters, other beggars, politicians, and much more, Annie’s stage is set for a large game of comedic deception, a large facade of wealth to try and convince the snobby they’re worth a damn. Snazzy dialogue and a great supporting turn by Ned Sparks as Happy McGuire, the wise cracking right hand man to the main Hood, save the film from being too mushy. Can’t blame Capra for making a feel good satire in such downtrodden times, but he’s made way better. Mr. Smith and Mr. Deeds offer hypnotic performances, genuine social critique and feeling, traits Lady For a Day lacks.

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