Pro-Life (Carpenter, 2006)

I know John Carpenter, a director I greatly admire for his early films, is capable of making trash; just look at the 1990’s. But his two episodes of Masters of Horror, last year’s atrocity known as Cigarette Burns and now this season’s Pro-Life, display a disturbing trend for Carpenter as a filmmaker. Not only has he abandoned all sense of mood and style, conforming instead to the Movie Of the Week visual look of all the Masters of Horror episodes, but he’s abandoned any semblance of subtext which made films like The Thing so amazing. I could barely make it through Cigarette Burns last year, a jumbled mess of film history and horror. Pro-Life, while improving on the narrative incoherence of Burns, still radiates stupidity with it’s dumbed down thematics and simplistic visions of violence. The story feels amateurish, and the performances are bad even for Masters of Horror. This film could have been made by any hack out there, it’s sad the name connected with this piece of shit is one of true missing masters of horror. Someone needs to write this guy a decent script with some tension and wit. I think I’ll try.

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