Best in Show (Guest, 2000)

It seems I built this film up too much over the years, loving it mainly because of it’s focus on canine’s. There’s just something brilliant about Guest’s Harlon Pepper saying “blood hound doggy” to his four legged counterpart. The interactions in this film between man and beast are dead on; the loving human need for companionship and competition. However, watching it again, it doesn’t quite hold up as the masterpiece I thought it was. Seems too short, almost fleeting, which could be seen as a great mirror of the characters dreams of victory. The standouts are Michael McKean and John Michael Higgins, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, all hilariously bantering back and forth, completely knowing their strengths and weaknesses with each other and with their dogs. Fred Willard’s announcer, while still funny, provided almost too much distraction from the actual story. But still, a great example of Guest’s love for the unrepresented realms of art making.


2 thoughts on “Best in Show (Guest, 2000)

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