Monkey Business (Hawks, 1952)

Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers playing a scientist couple drinking the youth enhancing kool aid and acting like children = a damn fine time. Director Howard Hawks once again proves the best comedy feels the most seamless and instinctual to the story, giving both Grant and Rogers a great character dynamic to play off throughout. The highlights include Rogers shooting a slingshot at Marilyn Monroe’s butt and Grant dancing around with a group of children dressed like Indians about to scalp a pestering love interest. Also kudos for a priceless referential opening sequence. Monkey Business is a great comedy that uses it’s talent not as gross out cliches or mindless ironic twists, just as human beings acting out the hidden childhood joys adulthood often brutally suppresses without rhyme or reason. When each character comes down from artificially reliving childhood aura’s, there’s both a sigh of relief and a sadness at what’s come and gone.

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