Death of a President (Range, 2006)

The subject matter surrounding a fictional assassination of George W. Bush doesn’t seem to be material which would induce laughter, but Death of a President does just that. This scenario, backed by massive fake interviews and digitally manipulated recreations, feels so biased and manipulative, one can’t help but find it comedic. How could the Bush administration find this piece of pulp trash so offensive and dangerous? Maybe this reaction shows how gullible they think the viewing public might be. Death of a President is sensationalism at it’s most sloppy, since most of it’s ideas are made with simple generalizations about terrorism, police procedure, politics, and civil rights. Anybody with a credible sense of reality would see right through it’s self-important posturing and recognize the gross pandering to formulaic story devices like the twist ending. Death of a President will undoubtedly do well on DVD mainly for the reason I wanted to see it – it has created a buzz because it shows the President getting shot (that digital recreation again). Hopefully I can save you the trouble. Death of a President doesn’t break any new ground concerning our current crisis in Iraq, nor the domestic response to such foreign policies. It relishes in simplistic foreshadowings of an American apocalypse. Skip it.


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