Blood Simple (Coen, Coen 1984)

Ice cold, almost too much so, yet Blood Simple holds incredible moments of dark comedy that foreshadow the Coen Brothers’ trademarks to come. The final sequence, which pits a desperate and vindictive Frances McDormand against a devastating and ironic M. Emmet Walsh, could be used in any film class on narrative pacing to distinguish the physical horrors which can be inferred rather than shown out right. I don’t think Blood Simple is the masterpiece many critics have hailed it to be, but the film reveals a fresh outlook on cinematic storytelling, a mesh of comedy, lunacy, fate, and Noir which still entertains me to this day. Also, any beginning filmmaker could take some cues from the Coen’s use of space, minimal dialogue, and inventive graphic matching, all which become apart of the story rather than outside of it.

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