In the Trenches (Granados, 2007) and Reagan’s Wharf (Ott, 2007)

I’d like to plug two films by good friends for a change. Since I worked extensively on both projects I’m not going to review either, however, it’s my blog and I can sure hype the hell out of them. Both films have screened at film festivals this weekend. In the Trenches, a highly personal and evocative short documentary was shown twice at the Temecula Film Festival and Reagan’s Wharf, the first student feature to be produced at San Diego State University in ten years is being seen at the El Cajon Video and Film Festival, and each will inevitably find their way to more in the near future. You can find extensive info on each work at their respective websites listed below. Great work gentlemen.In the Trenches – dir. Angel Granados, http://www.medialunge.comReagan’s Wharf – dir. Bryan Ott,

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