The Screwfly Solution (Dante, 2006)

Once again Joe Dante brilliantly utilizes the hour long Master’s of Horror format to craft a devastating commentary on crucial political and social issues. He seems to be the only director Showtime has employed able to grasp the concept of less is more, showing just enough gore to wet the appetites of horror fans and compliment it with a socially relevant and entertaining story. In Dante’s glossy, vibrantly colorful modern day world, men begin killing women at alarming rates, an epidemic that follows a disease vector and has seemingly no beginning nor end. Scientists can’t figure out why these mass murders are occurring, just that it’s some sort of bio-terrorism hell-bent on destroying as many people as possible. Dante creeps through each scene with an eerie attention to the personal fear and horror engulfing his main characters while showing glimpses of the global chaos occurring around them. The Screwfly Solution becomes a brutal critique of man’s ignorance toward the worsening state of the environment and his final solution doesn’t pull any punches. If man is the pest, mother nature must react accordingly. Unlike other Master’s of Horror regulars like John Caprenter, Tobe Hooper, and Dario Argento, Dante has flourished with the time constraints of hour long television, giving tantalizing and horrifying hints to where man might be headed if certain political and environmental problems stay unresolved.

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