Talk to Me (Lemmons, 2007)

Great performances from Don Cheadle and one of my personal favorites, Chiwetel Ejiofor in this well made biopic from director Kasi Lemmons. The film follows Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene (Cheadle), an ex-convict DJ who took the D.C. airwaves by storm in the 1960’s with his brazen street-wise truths and foul mouthed charisma. Greene’s “voice” of the people type mentality ultimately gets consumed by his manager’s (Ejiofor) quest for mainstream success and Talk to Me really shines when the two stars share the screen during these moments of conflict. But after a brilliant opening act (flushed with the music of James Brown), Talk to Me falls prey to the typical biopic “rise and fall” cliches, finally ending with a short return to form when the character’s put their emotional cards on the table. Fun to watch, but forgettable.


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