The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (Gordon, 2007)

While entertaining and somewhat inspiring, The King of Kong suffers from one giant flaw. Its story, that of nerdy video gamers and their strange pursuit of individual gaming records, doesn’t hold interest beyond the surface giggles and befuddlement of the subject being discussed. With the aid of flashy montages, gladiator-like standoffs, and catchy music, Seth Gordon’s documentary builds these man-children up under the assumption that their merit represents something important or meaningful. Half way through the film, we realize only Steve Wiebe, the family man who attempts to break a Donkey Kong world record despite the countless interference by the reigning geek elite, stands as the only dimensional character in this 2-D world. His pursuit and conflict warrants attention, but the film focuses on every other gamer fodder willing to speak out of turn, making for a tiresome and loathsome experience at times.


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