Henry Fool (Hartley, 1997)


I can’t fully wrap my mind around Hartley’s sprawling riff on writing, perception, and changing technology after only one viewing. Hartley’s characters always seem on the verge of madness, but an interior one built upon a common dissatisfaction with the mainstream. In Henry Fool, this motif gets ample treatment, showing how each soul knows only of their potential through others’ engagement. While sporadically too mundane and schizophrenic, Henry Fool still feels important, a string of warnings toward the inevitable consequences reaped from the promises of technological advancement. This one will only get better with age.

One thought on “Henry Fool (Hartley, 1997)

  1. I bigger fan of the Hal Hartley of old, this is probably my favorite of his modern films. I am still too afraid to see the sequel, I keep thinking it might just ruin the original for me.

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