Lars and the Real Girl (Gillespie, 2007)

Note: This weekend I caught up with many of the films from 2007 I missed in theaters, which should explain the influx of posts. So on to it.  Instead of trying to describe the altogether strangeness of Lars and The Real Girl, I’ll just suggest you see it and revel in the sublime and subtle performance by Ryan Gosling, the best young American actor working today. Credit must also be given to writer/director Craig Gillespie for not explaining every psychological nuance of Lars’ past trauma, which makes the character and in turn the film even more complex and engaging.

One thought on “Lars and the Real Girl (Gillespie, 2007)

  1. just saw Lars and the Real Girl, had never even heard of the movie before last night, Ryan Gosling did a great job playing out his character’s psychological transition from totally dysfunctional to somewhat functional

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