Cloverfield (Reeves, 2008)

Despite the endless hype and inevitable reality check of expectations, Matt Reeves’ Cloverfield turns out to be an interesting take on the monster movie genre, residing somewhere between The Blair Witch Project and Godzilla. And if you’ve read about the film anywhere else, you probably knew that already. However, Cloverfield is worth talking about because it could have been great as a silent film. It’s maybe the best example of a modern day film that’s completely unhinged by exposition and dialogue. While the impressive, chaotic visuals and sound design speak for themselves, screenwriter Drew Goddard infects each scene with a sense of cliche and comedy that feels both idiotic and unwarranted. This kind of dumbed down attempt at character depth takes the viewer out of the impressive disaster premise, ultimately making Cloverfield a tepid example of a film riding the proverbial genre fence, trying to please everyone at once.

One thought on “Cloverfield (Reeves, 2008)

  1. I saw this in IMAX here in BKK. The camera movement was so distracting( to the point of nausea) the acting and lame jokes so weak…….what a let down for me. The poster alone had me really excited to see this, but alas good marketing for a mediocre movie. The Host this was not.

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