Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Stoller, 2008)

Obviously resting on their previous laurels, the Judd Apatow Train grinds to a standstill with this benignly amatuerish comedy about a Hollywood composer (Jason Segel) who gets dumped by his girlfriend, a devilish “It Girl” television actress named Sarah Marshall. The film has an arrogant transparency at its core that overwhelms the central themes of artistic expression and emotional honesty. The Apatow Universe is already beginning to feel tired, most notably here with the irritating performances by Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd, once strong mainstays of this particular comic trend. Put Forgetting Sarah Marshall alongside the droll laziness of Pineapple Express and you’ve got a picture of how unsuccessful 2008 has been for Apatow compared to their breakout a year before.

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