Kobe: Doin’ Work (Lee, 2009)


If you’re a basketball fan, then Spike Lee’s intriguing television documentary Kobe: Doin’ Work provides a special sort of window into the intricacies of the sport. It’s basically a day in the professional life of the Lakers’ superstar, charting pre-game locker room preparations, in-game analysis, and post game ruminations via an audio commentary recorded by Bryant and Lee after the fact. Bryant is surprisingly candid about his passion, displaying a keen intelligence and deep knowledge found in only the most devoted perfectionists of any particular discipline. The fantastic cinematographer Matthew Libatique, with the help of many camera operators, captures the kinetic energy and rhythm of the game, covering from countless angles a game packed with amazing moments of motion and tension. However, because of the sharp professional focus and lingo, it’s hard to recommend Kobe: Doin’ Work to anyone besides NBA enthusiasts.

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