With the light-speed expansion of Gone Cinema Poaching, where I’ll be covering mostly new films and filmmakers, Match Cuts will primarily shift to focus on glaring gaps in my cinematic foundation. Over the coming months I will be watching and writing on films by specific filmmakers I’ve unforgivably ignored over the course of my 28 years on this Earth.

This will be an expansive project, covering 10+ films per auteur (depending on availability) in order to immerse myself in these particular cinematic worlds. Already queued up: Kenji Mizoguchi, Jacques Tournuer, Edward Yang, Pedro Costa, Douglas Sirk, Moshen Maklmalbaf, Tsai Ming-liang, Hong Sang-soo, and Frank Tashlin. But first, one of the masters of Polish cinema – Jerzy Skolimowski. My experience with Skolimowski begins and ends with his great turn in Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises, so basically I’m starting from scratch. Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “New Focus: RETROSPECTIVES

  1. You are in for a MAJOR treat – in fact several. Skolimowski’s early Polish work makes even 1960s Godard look sluggish and slow-witted, though it’s a shame the same is true of the English subtitles: my Polish friends assure me that they’re verbally dazzling too, but I have to take that on trust.

  2. Sean – don’t worry about it my friend, I assure you these are major players in the film world.

    Michael – I’ve been meaning to watch Skolimowski’s films for years so your observations make me even more excited to take the plunge. I’ve obtained mostly his 1970’s British work up till now so here’s hoping I can find his earlier films. Have you seen his most recent film from 2008, FOUR NIGHTS W/ ANNA?

  3. Yes, and it’s very good, if not quite up there with his best. But it grew on me – I actually enjoyed it more second time round.

    The Polish DVD (Gutek Film) is excellent – and it has English subtitles. Not that it really needs them as there’s so little dialogue.

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