The Social Network (Fincher, 2010)

The Social Network is a thrilling cinematic labyrinth illuminating the many layers of the modern male ego, and it’s certainly in the top-tier of American efforts from 2010. Seeing it twice theatrically just made me more eager to sit down with the Blu-ray and dissect each scene more carefully. Also posted at InRO (it was Glenn Heath Jr. day apparently).

2 thoughts on “The Social Network (Fincher, 2010)

  1. I’m not sure if you were intending to see Enter the Void at the Ken or not – but I can’t recommend it highly enough. Staggering. Never got around to The Social Network either once or twice, but I’m looking forward to getting back into Enter the Void for a second time whenever I can wrangle a few more of my friends to come.

  2. Hey Jean – I did see ENTER THE VOID earlier in the month and my review should be posted soon at InRO. I didn’t love it but thought the film was pretty damn fascinating.

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