Links Galore

The House Next Door
SDAFF 2010 #1: Intro/Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen
SDAFF 2010 #2: Macho Like Me/Bodyguards and Assassins/ Alien vs. Ninja
SDAFF 2010 #3: City of Life and Death/71: Into the Fire
SDAFF 2010 #4: House of Suh/Tibet in Song

Slant Magazine
Seven Samurai (Blu)
Red Hill
Smash His Camera (DVD)
Searchers 2.0 (DVD)

The American

Thoughts to come on Uncle Boonmee, Winter’s Bone, and Certified Copy before I embark on my journey up to the AFI Film Festival. Thanks for being patient.

2 thoughts on “Links Galore

  1. It seems our paths are crossing a bit, Glenn – I also just started writing for Not Coming to a Theater Near You, and will be covering AFI Fest for Film Threat. Who are you representing there?

  2. Hey Michael – Great to meet you. I’ll be covering AFI for THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR. I’m sure we’ll cross paths up in LA.

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