AFI FEST 2010 (Updated, 11/18)

Here are links to my complete coverage of AFI FEST 2010 over at The House Next Door.

#1: Introduction, Certified Copy
#2: Aardvark, Rubber, The Human Resources Manager
#3: Hahaha, Okie’s Movie
#4: Blue Valentine
#5: Outrage, The Housemaid (2010), Littlerock
#6: Amigo
#7: Heartbeats
#8: 13 Assassins

– Thanks to Ed Gonzalez and Slant Magazine for making this coverage possible.

5 thoughts on “AFI FEST 2010 (Updated, 11/18)

  1. Your review makes me doubly upset that I missed Blue Valentine, but I had to go with Uncle Boonmee (which was so great!). Find me on Twitter, Glenn; it’d be cool to start the occasional dialogue with you over there.

  2. Blue Valentine is indeed excellent, but I had already seen Boonmee at the SDAFF so that’s why I skipped it. If I hadn’t I would have been right there with you, cause it’s my favorite film of the last few years. My Twitter account is @MatchCuts. I trying typing in your name but couldn’t find it, so friend me whenever you get a chance.

  3. Loved all of these, especially your review of Heartbeats, very well written and makes me a bit heartbroken that I didn’t the chance to see it. My biggest gap this year I’m sure will be Uncle Boonme, really hope I get the chance to see it. Also loved your review of Certified Copy, definitely the most intricate and layered film that I have seen recently. Complicated yet easily absorbed, startling yet seamless.

  4. Thanks for reading Chris. All of the ones you mentioned are masterpieces for me. You’ll get to see BOONMEE in the spring. It will get a wider release.

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