The Double Life of Veronique (Kieslowski, 1991)

A great film from one of my favorite directors gets a stellar Blu-ray release from Criterion. I hadn’t seen The Double Life of Veronique in nearly a decade. but it’s whimsical mystery and sensuality holds more weight as ever. Irene Jacob’s dual performance hints at the way a surrealist world overlaps with the mysteries of real life, and the result is a beautiful, incomplete poem. You can find my review for the disc at Slant.

One thought on “The Double Life of Veronique (Kieslowski, 1991)

  1. Bonsoir Glenn!

    I read your recent review of The Double Life Of Veronique on Slant. A couple of small points – it’s Slawomir Idziak not Slawomir Idriak and Veronique taught her music students at the Lycée Amédée Gasquet, Clermont-Ferrand in the south of France not Paris which is 265 miles further north. Apart from those very minor details, a good review of Criterion’s BD Region-1 version which was released 31 January 2011.

    It has been commented elsewhere about the slightly sharper but increased grain of the Criterion BD Region-1 version compared to the Artificial Eye BD Region-free version of 22 March 2010 but it has been also noted that the Criterion release seems to have truer colors than the Artificial Eye version.

    Slawomir used a system of yellow-green cellophane sheets in front of the camera for a lot of the filming. The color of the film was important to create the right mood. Krakow tends anyway to have warm yellows in the fall and shooting of the film began in Krakow around 17 October 1990. Krzysztof did had some issues with Slawomir regarding the color when it reviewed at Cannes complaining that he wanted it to be more yellow than green, but it worked out OK for both of them in the end! It must be said they always had quite an interesting relationship in terms of opinion and when Krzysztof left Slawomir to do his job as cinematographer, it tended to work better!

    The filming locations used for The Double Life Of Veronique are on my site, Kieslowski’s World, in the Films section.

    Irene Jacob is releasing an album, Je Sais Nager [I Can Swim], on 26 April 2011 on the Universal Jazz label, together with her musician brother Francis who normally resides in New York, the details of which are in my online diary of 29 January 2011. Irene appeared last Thursday evening at the Prix Georges Moustaki on the Salle Jean Dame stage in Paris as one of the 7 finalists but was beaten by the French singer Melissmell who won both the jury and public awards. Her brother was unable to make it and her percussionist was stuck in Lyon but Irene still sang her two songs very well whilst accompanied by the double bassist, Mathieu Verlot.

    Feel free to add yourself to my Guestbook and please add your vote for your favorite film of Kieslowski on my home page.

    Bien à vous,
    Alexandre FABBRI

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