Hard Ticket to Hawaii (Sidaris, 1987)

Legendary B-movie writer/producer/director Andy Sidaris mastered the art of turning picture perfect postcards into sweaty soft-core cinema. His lush widescreen images of natural beauty, mostly filmed on the various islands of Hawaii, are mere backgrounds for busty blondes in swimsuits toting machine guns and grenade launchers. Mixing outlandish violence, smooth sex scenes, and classic one-liners that would make Mr. Schwarzeneger jealous, Sidaris’ genre films cast Playboy Playmates as secret agents and spies caught up in lethal missions, albeit assignments that weren’t too dangerous for a sudden left turn into a night of delirious carnal pleasures. At their best, Sidaris’ films offer one implausible plot twist and seedy scenario after another, a volatile combination that ultimately gives these lowbrow action films a lasting identity…

Full Review at Not Coming to a Theater Near You

2 thoughts on “Hard Ticket to Hawaii (Sidaris, 1987)

  1. Another great review – I knew there was some genius embedded in that movie! Who does a handstand on a skateboard? Only the most rebellious of outlaws; yet his violent and ironic act of \’blowing up\’ a blow-up doll symbolizes something contradictory for me as a viewer. The purpose of a blow-up doll is not unlike Sedaris\’ films – they serve fantasies – but what could the destruction of such a defining symbol within his film mean? Maybe that reality is best enjoyed when turning conventions upside-down (on a skateboard)?

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