Match Cuts was born back in October 2006 as a vague response to the changing publishing methods of mass film criticism. After a while, it turned into a personal resurgence of film literacy and analysis for a lost Academic. As Omar from The Wire says, “It’s all in the game” and I’m grateful I chose to have a voice in this particular shouting match. Thank you to my Parents, my brother Andrew, and all my friends and family for their ongoing support and observations.

– Match Cuts is feverishly run by Glenn Heath Jr., film critic for Slant Magazine, The House Next DoorNot Coming to a Theater Near You, FandorThe L Magazine, and Little White LIes. Glenn is also a full-time Lecturer of Film Studies at Platt College and National University in San Diego, CA and lead Programmer for the San Diego Latino Film Festival.

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  1. Hi Glenn, Just found your blog and wanted to thank you for the time you’ve taken to publish a magnificent resource. Thanks to google too for highlighting your piece on Monte Walsh. I’ve just watched it a few times in a row (TCM) and very much enjoyed your article. Richard richard[at]youlikewelove[dot]com

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