Videocracy (Gandini, 2009)

Occasionally pertinent, always obnoxiously flashy, Erik Gandini’s Videocracy wants to be a viral shock to the culture system. But it’s a familiar jolt explored effectively elsewhere by more ambitious filmmakers, and Gandini’s vision ends up exuding the type of arrogant pomp he’s so bitterly critiquing. My review of the film’s DVD release is now up at Slant Magazine.

Stolen (Anderson, 2009)

I’ve been humbly added to the short list at the great online publication Slant Magazine , where I’ll be contributing reviews for a number of strange and diverse releases. A few will air later this week, so stay tuned.

Here’s my first DVD review for a film titled Stolen, a stinker of a genre hybrid that trips over many Detective/mystery/melodrama tropes. It’s unforgivably predictable and dramatically inert, and a completely useless film. But you have to start somewhere. You can find my review here.