My Week With Marilyn (Curtis, 2011)

It’s that time of year when Hollywood starts unleashing some serious Oscar bait. With that in mind, allow me to introduce the incredibly misguided biopic, My Week With Marilyn. At least Michelle Williams dives head first into her strangely affecting role as the tortured blond bombshell.

Slant Magazine’s 25 Best Films of 2011

Slant Magazine‘s film department, myself included, have been cramming all year to be completists in preparation for the annual year end “Best Of” frenzy, and I’m proud to announced that fearless leader and Editor-in-Chief Ed Gonzalez recently posted our survey of the best in film from 2011. This is a great list suitably representing one of the best calendar year for film in ages. Click here to access our feature.

In addition, each writer has contributed their individual lists of favorite films, including my own. Click here to view everyone’s individual picks.