How I Ended This Summer (Popogrebsky, 2011)

A review for InRO: Sergei Popogrebsky’s atmospheric anti-thriller How I Ended This Summer. The first 70 minutes are fascinating, building tension out of epic, elemental long shots focusing on nature and the primitive weaknesses of man. However, the last 5o minutes turn unforgivably inert, pretentious, and meandering. There’s a great film in there somewhere, but the art film conventions bury its thematic weight under a mountain of aesthetic tedium.

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Thoughts to come on Uncle Boonmee, Winter’s Bone, and Certified Copy before I embark on my journey up to the AFI Film Festival. Thanks for being patient.

The Social Network (Fincher, 2010)

The Social Network is a thrilling cinematic labyrinth illuminating the many layers of the modern male ego, and it’s certainly in the top-tier of American efforts from 2010. Seeing it twice theatrically just made me more eager to sit down with the Blu-ray and dissect each scene more carefully. Also posted at InRO (it was Glenn Heath Jr. day apparently).