– Reviews by Director

Allen: Annie Hall | Cassandra’s Dream | Scoop | Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Altman: Images | A Prairie Home Companion | Vincent and Theo
Almodovar: Dark Habits | Volver
P.T. Anderson: Boogie Nights | Hard Eight | Magnolia | Punch Drunk Love | There Will Be Blood
Wes Anderson: Bottle Rocket | The Darjeeling Limited | Fantastic Mr. Fox | The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
Antonioni: L’Avventura | Zabriske Point
Apatow: The 40 Year Old Virgin | Knocked Up
Apted: Coal Miner’s Daughter | 7 Up | 7 Plus 7 | 21 Up | 28 Up | 35 Up | 42 Up | 49 Up
Aronofsky: The Fountain | The Wrestler
Ashby: Bound For Glory | The Landlord
Assayas: Boarding Gate | Irma Vep
Baumbach: Margot’s Wedding | Mr. Jealousy
Beresford: The Contract | Crimes of the Heart
Bergman: Fanny and Alexander
Bird: Ratatouille
Boetticher: Comanche Station | Decision at Sundown | Escape in the Fog | The Killer is Loose | Ride Lonesome | The Tall T
Bong: The Host | Mother | Tokyo!
Boorman: Deliverance
Borzage: A Farewell to Arms | Three Comrades
Boyle: Sunshine
Breillat: The Last Mistress
Bresson: Proces de Jeanne d’Arc
Bujalski: Funny Ha Ha | Mutual Appreciation
Bunuel: Tristana
Burnett: Killer of Sheep | My Brother’s Wedding | Nightjohn | When it Rains
Burton: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Capra: Forbidden | Lady For a Day
Carpenter: Dark Star | Pro-Life
Cassavetes: Faces | Opening Night | A Woman Under the Influence
Chabrol: Le Boucher | The Flower of Evil | A Girl Cut In Two | La Ceremonie
Coen brothers: The Big Lebowski | Blood Simple | Burn After Reading | Fargo | The Ladykillers | The Man Who Wasn’t There | Miller’s Crossing | No Country For Old Men | O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?
F.F. Coppola: Bram Stoker’s Dracula | Youth Without Youth
S. Coppola: Marie Antoinette
Cronenberg: Crash | The Dead Zone | Eastern Promises | Videodrome
Cuaron: Children of Men | A Little Princess
Cukor: Camille | Holiday | The Philadelphia Story | Sylvia Scarlett
Curtiz: Angels With Dirty Faces | Mildred Pierce | We’re No Angels
Dante: Explorers | Gremlins | Gremlins 2: The New Batch | The Howling | Matinee | The Screwfly Solution | The Second Civil War | Twilight Zone: The Movie
Dassin: Brute Force
De Palma: Redacted | The Untouchables
De Sica: Paisan | Two Women
del Toro: Hell Boy 2: The Golden Army | Pans Labyrinth
Dumont: L’Humanite
Eastwood: Changeling | Flags Of Our Fathers | Gran Torino | Invictus | A Perfect World
Fassbinder: Ali: Fear Eats the Soul | Chinese Roulette
Fellini: La Strada | Roma
Ferrara: Bad Lieutenant | Body Snatchers | Dangerous Game | The Driller Killer | The Funeral | New Rose Hotel
Fincher: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button | Fight Club | The Game | Se7en | Zodiac
Ford: Arrowsmith | The Grapes of Wrath | How Green Was My Valley | The Prisoner of Shark Island | Young Mr. Lincoln
Forster: The Kite Runner | Quantum of Solace | Stranger Than Fiction
Franklin: Devil in a Blue Dress
Frears: High Fidelity | The Hit | Mrs. Henderson Presents | The Queen | Sammy and Rosie Get Laid
Friedkin: Bug
Fuller: The Baron of Arizona | Fixed Bayonets! | I Shot Jesse James | Park Row | The Steel Helmut
Gilroy: Duplicity | Michael Clayton
Gondry: Be Kind Rewind | The Science of Sleep | Tokyo!
Gray: Little Odessa | Two Lovers | We Own the Night
Greengrass: The Bourne Supremacy | The Bourne Ultimatum
Haneke: 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance | Benny’s Video | Code Unknown | Funny Games (08] | The Seventh Continent | The White Ribbon
Hartley: Fay Grim | Henry Fool
Hawks: Air Force | Ball of Fire | The Big Sleep | El Dorado | Flight Commander | Hatari! | I Was a Male War Bride | Land of the Pharaohs | Monkey Business | A Song is Born | Tiger Shark | Twentieth Century
Haynes: I’m Not There
Herzog: Rescue Dawn | Wheel of Time | The White Diamond | The Wild Blue Yonder
Hitchcock: Psycho | Stage Fright | Suspicion | Vertigo | The Wrong Man
Hong: Woman is the Future of Man
Hou: Flight of the Red Balloon | Three Times
Ichikawa: The Burmese Harp | Fires on the Plain
Inarritu: Babel | September 11 (11’09″01)
Jia: Platform | Still Life | Unknown Pleasures
Jonze: Adaptation
Karlson: 99 River Street | The Phenix City Story
Kiarostami: ABC Africa | Close-Up | Life, and Nothing More… | Taste of Cherry | Two Solutions for One Problem | Where is the Friend’s House?
Kubrick: Full Metal Jacket | The Shining
Lean: Summertime
Lee: Clockers | Sucker Free City | When the Levee’s Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts | 25th Hour
Leigh: Happy-Go Lucky | Nuts in May
Linklater: Dazed and Confused | Fast Food Nation
Loach: Hidden Agenda | Kes | September 11 (11’09″01) | The Wind That Shakes the Barley
Lynch: Blue Velvet | Inland Empire | Twin Peaks (The Complete Series)
Maddin: My Winnipeg
Mamet: Redbelt | Spartan
Mangold: Cop Land | Girl, Interrupted | Heavy | 3:10 To Yuma
Mankiewicz: The Quiet American | Sleuth
Anthony Mann: The Furies | Men in War | The Naked Spur | Railroaded | T-Men
Michael Mann: Collateral | Heat | The Insider | Last of the Mohicans | Manhunter | Miami Vice | Public Enemies | Thief
Mazursky: Bob, & Carol & Ted & Alice | An Unmarried Woman
McCarey: An Affair to Remember
Mendes: Jarhead | Revolutionary Road | Road to Perdition
Minnelli: An American in Paris | Some Came Running
Mizoguchi: Sansho the Bailiff
Nair: The Namesake | September 11 (11’09″01) | Salaam Bombay
Nava: El Norte
Nichols: Charlie Wilson’s War | Heartburn | Silkwood
Nolan: The Dark Knight | The Prestige
Ophuls: Earrings of Madame de… | La Ronde | Le Plaisir
Oshima: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
Ozu: I Was Born, But… | Late Spring
Panahi: Offside
Park: Lady Vengeance | Thirst
Powell/Pressburger: The Edge of the World | The Red Shoes
Preminger: Advise and Consent | Angel Face | Daisy Kenyon
Rafelson: Five Easy Pieces
Nicholas Ray: Bigger Than Life | Bitter Victory | Born to Be Bad | Hot Blood | The Lusty Men | Party Girl | On Dangerous Ground | Rebel Without a Cause | The True Story of Jesse James
Satyajit Ray: Aparajito | Pather Panchali | The World of Apu
Reichardt: Old Joy | Wendy and Lucy
Renoir: Regle du jue, La (The Rules of the Game)
Reygadas: Silent Light
Rivette: The Duchess of Langeais
Rossellini: Europe ’51 | Germania anno zero | Flowers of St. Francis | Paisan
Sayles: Eight Men Out | Honeydripper | Lianna | Passion Fish
Scorsese: The Age of Innocence | Bringing Out the Dead | The Departed | Gangs of New York | Taxi Driver
Scott: Alien | American Gangster | Blade Runner | Black Hawk Down
Sembene: Black Girl | Borom sarret | Xala
Siegel: The Big Steal | The Lineup
Soderbergh: Che | The Good German | Ocean’s 13 | Underneath
Spielberg: The Color Purple | Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull | Jaws | Minority Report | Twilight Zone: The Movie
Stone: The Hand | W. | World Trade Center
Tarantino: Death Proof | Jackie Brown | Grindhouse | Inglorious Basterds | Kill Bill: Vol. 1 | Kill Bill: Vol. 2 | Reservoir Dogs
To: Election | Election 2 (Triad Election) | Exiled | Mad Detective | The Mission | Running Out of Time | Throwdown
Truffaut: Bed and Board | Love on the Run | Stolen Kisses
Van Sant: Mala Noche | Milk | Psycho (1998]
Varda: Cleo From 5 to 7
von Trier: The Boss of it All | Manderlay
Wajda: Ashes and Diamonds | A Generation | Kanal
Watkins: Culloden | The Gladiators | The War Game
Weir: Fearless
Welles: F For Fake | The Immortal Story
Wellman: Battleground | Island in the Sky | The Public Enemy | Wild Boys of the Road | Yellow Sky
Wenders: Alice in the Cities | The American Friend | Don’t Come Knocking | Kings of the Road (in the course of time) | The Scarlet Letter | The State of Things | Tokyo Ga
Wilder: Avanti! | Double Indemnity | Sunset Blvd.
Winterbottom: A Might Heart | Road to Guantanamo
Wise: The Andromeda Strain | The Body Snatcher | Born to Kill | Executive Suite | Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Wong: Ashes of Time Redux | Chungking Express | My Blueberry Nights
Woo: Broken Arrow | Bullet in the Head | Face/Off | Hard-boiled | Hard Target | The Killer
Wyler: The Best Years of Our Lives | Detective Story | Mrs. Miniver
Yang: A Brighter Summer Day

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