Nacho Libre (Hess, 2006)

Jack Black has a blast as Nacho, the tubby, well intentioned, forlorn friar who decides to follow his dreams and become a Mexican wrestler or Luchador, all for the good of the sweet orphans he cooks for at the mission. Unfortunately, his excitment doesn’t translate into a good film. Nacho and his skinny sidekick Esqeuleto go through all the typical phases of any sports movie, training, tests, allies, enemies, and then the final match with the evil reigning champion.

Nacho Libre doesn’t create a degree of excitement that rivals what it should given the potential for the material. Some charming moments shine through the banality of the plotless story, naive camerawork, and bright hues, namely the orphan Chancho who mirrors Black’s physique and passion for wrestling, also a dynamic, hilarious rumble between our protagonists and two monster munchkins, devilishly fast and skilled, who scream with every violent advance. Overall, fun at times, but completely forgettable in the end.