Twilight Zone: The Movie (Landis, Spielberg, Dante, Miller, 1984)

Thankfully for my purposes, George Miller’s segment “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” (a remake of the Richard Matheson penned/Richard Donner helmed episode from 1963) turns out to be the best of an uninspiring bunch, exhibiting a sense of space and ambiguity the other stories lack.

Once again, Miller deals with battling environments, showing John Lithgow’s nervous passenger trapped inside a caged vision of technology while nature’s wrath (personified by the crazed monster on the wing) attempts to break through several manmade barriers

This separation disintegrates when Lithgow shoots out one of the plane’s windows and comes face to face with the beast, his head fittingly coated with a sheen of ice while the other passengers attempt to pull him back in and recover the sanitized environment of air travel.