Best of the 2000’s: Epilogue

The Best of the Rest: Honorable Mentions for the 2000’s

For every beginning, there must be an end. Sadly, our joint venture has come to its waning days, but the experience has been invigorating and therapeutic. So we have a decade nearly in the books, ten personal favorites revealed, and plenty of great Cinema to spare.

As previously stated in the Prologue, a rash of other masterful films deserve mention as best of the 2000’s, and I’d like to consider each in short bursts. I’ve ranked them 11-20 but in truth, they are interchangeable on any given day. To be followed by my Top 10 performances of the decade. Continue reading

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (Herzog, 2009)

I bust out my pet iguana and lucky crack pipe for Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans over at Gone Cinema Poaching.

Herzog seems to have jumped off the deep end with Cage in tow, and the result is a fascinating acid trip of a movie I fully recommend seeing.