The Kite Runner (Forster, 2007)

Marc Forster’s well meaning but flawed adaptation of the best selling novel by Khaled Hossieni goes for the emotional jugular, taking this tragic story of lost innocence and forgotten honor framed by 20 years of turbulent Afghan history and tying it into together with a nice, sentimental ribbon. I’m a fan of Marc Forster’s earlier pictures, especially Finding Neverland and Stranger Than Fiction. But those films walk a fine line between sugary sap and honest sentiment, whereas The Kite Runner doesn’t concern itself with such balance. Almost every scene contains crescendos of music, blatant audio flashbacks, and teary-eyed close-ups, all guiding the viewer by the hand toward an easy, Hollywood ending. Its all supposed to add up to something “important”, paralleling the guilt-ridden conscience of one man with that of a country lost to religious fanaticism. Instead, The Kite Runner stumbles over its good intentions and doesn’t explore the psychological facets of this fascinating and complicated story.

One thought on “The Kite Runner (Forster, 2007)

  1. ditto. When I missed this at the Hillcrest Landmark, I felt reget which quickly turned to thank god I didn’t pay 10 bucks tiem 2 people (20 bucks) for this piece in the theater. Sorry Marc……I should have know from Everything in it’s Place what was possible. Also there is a reason I have never rewatched Finding Neverland……This is one director that as time passes has dropped in the ranks in my book.I know you loved Stranger than Fiction and I think it is his best so far, but I am not eager to rewatch that one either…..

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