Fissures of Joy in Twin Peaks (Lynch, Frost, 1990-91)


After countless false starts, I finally finished David Lynch and Mark Frost’s scarily addicting television opus (it’s prequel Fire Walk With Me is next on the agenda). Being a David Lynch fan,Twin Peaks is of course everything I’d hoped it would be – horrifying, funny, menacing, and most surprisingly, truly sincere. But after almost thirty hours, the small moments of pure joy shared between certain characters stand out, whether it be the trio of Donna, James, and Maddy singing a haunting song, Cooper sipping a nice cup of Joe while giving Audrey a smiling glance, or Nadine squeezing the life out of Ed with a superhuman strength hug. These fissures of joyous character interaction counter the overall darkness lurking around every corner of Twin Peaks, exemplified by reflections of demons in the mirror, the loud hoot of owls searching for prey, and the terrible screams of unfortunate women being extinguished. The unfinished mysteries of Twin Peaks will always overwhelm and outweigh its surface-level certainties.

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